Advanced Subsea Services

Advanced Subsea Services are pleased to announce new equipment and upgrades to our existing services to better serve our clients. Our aim is to offer high quality, technically advanced diving and ROV services at reasonable rates with quick response times, 24 hours a day.

Seaeye Falcon

This is the first ROV designed and built by Seaeye Marine to meet the operational requirements of coastal and inshore operators. View a pdf file on this exciting technical advance.

Tow camera systems.

A low cost alternative for underwater surveys where an ROV system is not required and where a large area needs to be surveyed quickly. Excellent for search, survey and environmental surveys.

Mobile Trailer

Our 16' self-contained, fully mobile trailer is ideally suited for emergency callout work for ship husbandry and repairs or when video inspections are required. Our trailer contains all necessary controls and safety equipment and is fully compliant with WCB and CSA operational standards.

  • Safety Harness & Bailout Bottles
  • HAZMAT Equipment
  • Decompression Chamber
  • ROV Systems
  • Mixed-gas Panel
  • Communications Box
  • 300-foot Umbilicals
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding Gear
  • Low-pressure Air Compressor
  • High-pressure Backup Supply
  • Superlite 27 & KMB 18 Helmets
  • Air Control Panel
  • Hydraulic Underwater Chain Saw
  • Realtime Video & Lighting
  • Still Photography

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