Advanced Subsea Services

  • Construction
  • ROV
  • Diving
  • Repair
  • Salvage
  • Survey Services

Advanced Subsea offers a wide range of services in the field of commercial diving and ocean technology. We like to concentrate on underwater construction and maintenance projects, but we love the opportunity and the challenge to develop solutions for more challenging subsea projects. We have confidence in our broad experience and in our thoroughly tested dive systems. We work hard at staying on the leading edge of ocean technology. View or download a pdf version of our brochure or you can view it in a FlashPaper format.

  • Air, Mixed-Gas and Saturation Diving
  • Marine Construction
  • Salvage and Repairs
  • U/W Cutting and Welding
  • U/W Structural Inspections
  • Potable Water Tank Cleaning
  • High Risk Environments
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Sclair Pipe Installation and Repair
  • Colour Video Inspections
  • Pipeline Inspection and Repair
  • Jetting and Air Lifting
  • Still Photography
  • Pipe and Cable Lay Support
  • Contaminated Environments
  • ROV Services
  • Underwater Security Surveys for Cruise Ships and Piers
  • Scour Protection Mat Installation

Basic surface-supplied diving equipment is self-contained in a tandem axle trailer and includes,

    • Low-pressure air compressor
    • High-pressure back up supply
    • Superlite 27& KMB18 Helmets
    • Air control panel
    • Mixed-gas panel
    • Communications box
    • 300-foot umbilicals
    • Underwater cutting and welding gear
    • Hydraulic underwater chain saw
    • Real-time Video & Lighting
    • Still photography
    • Safety harnesses and bailout bottles
    • HAZMAT equipment
    • Generator

Specialized Equipment:

    • Decompression chamber/ Operator
    • ROV systems/ Pilot
    • CARDOX/ Technician

Based on years of experience in a wide range of diving operations, Advanced Subsea Services has developed standardized operating, monitoring and reporting procedures for all operations.

At Advanced Subsea Services, we are mindful of the necessity of maintaining discipline and the highest operating standards in all our operations.  We continually try to work with regulatory bodies to establish and enforce standards of certification and operating procedures for the whole industry.  As subsea intervention technology advances, there is an ever-greater need for training, certification and operating standards to be developed and enforced in the industry.

At Advanced Subsea Services we are keenly aware that the growth and success of our business is geared to our ability to provide all our clients with prompt, efficient and cost-effective service.  Through our comprehensive view of the job, our experience-based operating procedures and our work habits, we strive to inspire confidence in the fact that we work to the highest standards and that we get the job done.  We are also mindful of the politically sensitive and public relations aspects of our work.

Construction and inspection of water control structures

  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Concrete placement, sawing and repair
  • Certified welding
  • Trash racks, Dams and Hydroelectric facilities
  • Outfalls and intakes
  • Port, harbour and marina security inspections
  • Underwater coatings
  • Bridge and scour repair
  • Pier, piling and bulkhead repair
  • Cofferdam
  • Dredging and debris removal
  • Cooling tower and spray ponds
  • Pulp mills and factories
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Gate and valve installation and repair
  • Fish ladder
  • Epoxy injection, Stop logs
  • Sills, seals, guides, shafts and linkage
  • Chlorine, bromide and air diffuser systems
  • Cathodic protection services

Construction and repair of pipelines and outfalls

  • Pipeline and outfall construction
  • Internal and external joint repair
  • Diver and ROV pipe penetrations
  • Installation and pressure testing of mechanical joints
  • Pipeline and outfall diffuser ports and hot taps
  • Repair or replacement of damaged pipe sections
  • Removal of debris and sediment
  • Installation and repair of submarine cables
  • Underwater concrete placement and demolition
  • Installation and repair of sacrificial anodes
  • Anchoring of existing pipelines
  • Pipeline pigging and blanking

Marine salvage and confined space rescue

  • Salvage of commercial vessels (tugs, barges and bulk carriers)
  • Salvage of recreational vessels (yachts and sailboats)
  • Salvage of aircraft (float planes and helicopters)
  • HAZMAT services
  • Lightering operations
  • Compartment and confined-space entry teams
  • Emergency upland and marine spill response
  • Underwater demolition
  • Barge and vessel repair

Offshore surveys and inspection

  • Sediment sampling
  • Drilling and cutting
  • Water quality testing
  • Dredge turbidity monitoring
  • Acoustics
  • Single and multi-beam bathymetric surveys
  • Pipelines / outfalls intakes (inspection and repair)
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